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Some of the items featured on Chloe in Roses may have been gifted, provided as payment or bought with gift cards. I would like to make an important note that I would not wear or write about something that I did not like. Being authentic and transparent is extremely important to me. I want to become a source where you can come to find honest thoughts on products and discover new products you didn’t know exist.

Chloe in Roses incorporates a couple of affiliate commission services like RewardStyle to earn a small commission on product sales. Any products purchased through links on Chloe in Roses do not cost the buyer any more than they normally would. Any commission paid is taken from the retailer through the relevant commission platform.


Chloe in Roses is designed to share real experiences of products. Therefore, all opinions and views found on Chloe in Roses are the opinions of the owner (Chloe Rose). Their sole intention is to provide information and enjoyment for the reader. Please remember the opinions and views expressed on any products found on Chloe in Roses are from my own personal experience with that product and may not apply to your experience with the product. My views and opinions are in no way intended to offend or insult anyone; they are simply my views and thoughts of a product.

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