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I think it’s safe to say every little girl dreams of handbags, scarves, and shoes. I was no different. Except my dreams consisted of Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, and Burberry. I’m not sure how I developed this want for luxury fashion at such a young age. Perhaps it came from mum taking me into the city to look at the window displays of Louis Vuitton and Chanel. The beautiful products and shiny hardware was my version of the David Jones Christmas Windows.

I still remember the first time we went into Louis Vuitton at Queen Street Mall. Everything about the store from the lighting to the LV monogrammed trunks stacked ceiling-high, blew my mind. I left there a changed girl. I knew one day I would have a nice little collection of my favourite luxury and designer brands in my closet.

Most people work their way up the luxury ladder. Your purchases reflect your pay bracket and I was no exception. My first designer product was the Michael Kors Savannah Saffiano Tote; a gift for my 22nd birthday. It was black and big enough for me to carry the contents in my life inside. Every Friday morning I would cram as much as I could fit into it so I didn’t need to go home for the weekend. Priorities, right. I loved that bag so much, and for years, it wouldn’t leave my arm.

Since then, a few more luxury pieces have called my closet home. A Gucci belt in 2019 followed by my long-awaited Burberry Trench. There have also been various luxury brand tops and bags. Some I saved hard to buy. Others have come into my life from gifts or as a result of savvy shopping.

While I would love to put all of my money toward more luxury products, life responsibilities (and my fiancé) would say that’s irresponsible adulting. So to satisfy my love for luxury fashion, I have three ways to shop luxury without not blowing my budget.

Burberry Jacket

Resale Communities

I first learnt about the resale community in 2018 when I was researching handbag resale values for a legal matter (dream job right!). Resale communities are a great way to shop for luxury and designer pieces at a more affordable price. Sure, the in-boutique experience is fabulous and extremely addictive. But if you can buy the same product, in excellent condition for a lower price, why not! After 18 months of watching the resale space, I recently committed and made my first purchase. I used the Vestiaire Collective recently, they have an in-house authentication process each item goes through prior to being sent to you.

Children’s Wear

Yep, I went there. But hear me out! Lots of luxury and designer brands produce a range of children’s wear pieces, some of which fit up to 16 years. Children’s wear is an excellent option for lower-priced luxury basics, with lots of brands replicating their best sellers for tiny humans. Think logo t-shirts and jumpers. Depending on your waist, you might even snap up a belt for a reasonable price. Far Fetch has an excellent teen section on its website, and I’ve found a few staple wardrobe items amongst those pages.

Traditional Sales

Then we have the traditional way to buy luxury and designer at a lower price; shopping the sales. Buying on sale is an excellent way for you to add a bit of designer to your closet for a lower price. Net-a-Porter is known for having some of the best luxury and designer sales around, with incredible discounts and a vast range of products. Although they don’t always have sales, so it’s best to sign up to be notified when one is about to start.

Do you have any tips when it comes to shopping for luxury and designer brands?

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