Ear Seeding, A fashionable way to boost your health and wellbeing

Ear Seeds

Scrolling through Instagram the other week, I came across a post that caught my attention. My friend, Elle, had shared an image from her new Ear Seed business, Auricle. Eight little gold balls daintily dotted across an ear. Thinking it was a new jewellery trend, I immediately knew I needed this product. Then I read the caption and realised these little gold balls were so much more than just a fashion accessory.

What is Ear Seeding?

Ear Seeding is a form of acupuncture and involves attaching tiny seeds (or in modern-day practice, small gold or silver balls) to various pressure points on the ear. This is done to help relieve a number of ailments from stress and anxiety to hormonal imbalances and different pain points. Unlike acupuncture, Ear Seeding doesn’t penetrate the skin. So, you get the experience of acupuncture without the needles. Exciting, right!

The practice caught my attention as I am always interested in trying new ways to improve my health and wellbeing. A few years ago, I tried acupuncture to help with a bout of migraines. It wasn’t a great experience, and I left my first and only session with the knowledge that sticking needles in my body wasn’t for me. So, when I saw this less invasive way to relieve ailments, I knew I needed to give it a try. (It also helps that everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow and Penelope Cruze to Rachel Finch are raving about Ear Seeding).

How does it work?

The process is pretty simple. The pack contains anti-bacterial wipes to clean the area before application. A set of 20 Ear Seeds and a Wellness Guide that explains the process and guides you on the different pressure points within your ear.

I used the Ear Seeds to target my stress and anxiety. It took a few hours to get used to them as the areas were really sensitive (this means the seeds are in the right place). But I’m excited to see the impact these will have on my health and wellbeing.

Learn more about Auricle and shop their range here.

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