Another year is here and I am ready to hit the ground running. After a stressful few weeks in December, I was surprised to end the year on a high. At the beginning of 2019, I didn’t consciously manifest goals for the year and some pretty awesome opportunities came about. So that got me thinking, image what I could achieve in 2020 if I set the intention and let the universe align?!

You may be wondering what manifesting actually is. Manifesting is intentionally creating what you want. It’s putting thoughts out to the universe and having unwavering faith that those thoughts will materialise. I have had many moments where my manifestations have appeared in my life; from a new TV to my Burberry Trench coat and even attending the Kookai SS 2019 show! I put all those desires out to the universe and they materialised.

So what exactly am I manifesting for 2020, you can find out below!

Health and Balance

A big thing for me is preserving my mental health. As someone who dealt with anxiety on a daily basis, a huge manifestation for me in 2020 is living a healthy and balanced life. This means physically and mentally. While I understand emotions are a natural and important part of life. Being able to sit with and see them for what they are is an important part of remaining balanced and healthy.

Clients, Events and the Blog

In 2020 I want to reach new heights with my blogging and shooting. I had so many wonderful experiences and opportunities in 2019 that I’m looking to go bigger this year! While I have a vision board of companies I would love to style and shoot with and events I’d love to attend. I am also manifesting where I want this blog to be by the end of 2020 and retaining high motivation for the year.


With my studies end in July 2020, I’m putting out to the universe that I’ll find a job as a personal stylist close to home in the Shire while continuing to style and shoot with brands through Chloe in Roses.

Wedding Planning

The dress has been found and the date has been set. I’m manifesting the rest of the wedding planning is going to be a breeze! From the flowers to the band and the Bridesmaid dresses, everything is going to work out perfectly and I am going to be a stress-free bride (even if my fiance wants to get his suit in a week!).


Manifesting money is something I am new to and it’s been a work in progress for the last part of 2019. This year, I’ve set my money intentions and released them to the universe. My key desires; always having more money coming in than going out and seeing a consistent income with Chloe in Roses.

Do you actively manifest your goals? What do you plan to achieve this year? Let me know below!

Chloe x

Outfit & Bag – Cotton On Collaboration
Necklaces – Grace & KenziPR Gift

Shot by Jess Cook

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