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It’s funny the way the world works. How you spend your childhood planning your hopes and dreams. What you will be when you’re older, the things you will do. You have these wild dreams and put them out to the universe and hope you will come full-circle and fulfill your destiny. I had a full-circle moment the other day. While attending the launch of Delta Goodrem’s latest fragrance, Destiny. She shared with us the story of the newest scent. Like it’s namesake, this bottle is about being called to your destiny and fulfilling your dreams.

As she spoke, I recalled being 9 years old. The groundbreaking single Born to Try had just been released and for myself and thousands of other young girls. Delta was the total IT girl. Beautiful, kind and a killer voice, she had everything we hoped to be when we were older. I often dreamt about what it would be like to meet her. So to think 17 years later, I would find myself at Bennelong Restaurant with this Aussie treasure, celebrating the release of her third fragrance. It was a real “Ah!” moment for me. A nice little nod to 9-year-old Chloe, that nothing is ever out of reach.

Destiny, the third fragrance by Delta Goodrem, is a floral fruity combination that will inspire you to reach for your dreams. The top notes are a combination of Mandarin Mist, Blackcurrant, Waterlily and Apricot Nectar. Tiger Orchid, Night Blooming Jasmine, Orange flower Essence and Plum Blossom form the full-bodied, warm middle while Rosewood, Tonka Bean, Vanilla Elixir and Patchouli Leaf make the hearty, long-lasting base notes.

You can try Destiny here.

What’s your favourite Delta fragrance? Let me know below!

Chloe x

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