Two of the hottest trends to hit the market in recent years have combined to create a beautiful hybrid. I give you, the leopard print slip dress. A new addition to my wardrobe, courtesy of Tigerlily. I have had endless compliments on this design. From colleagues to friends and even the real estate agent at an open home I attended. This leopard print slip dress has been a hit and it’s not hard to see why. Known for being sleek and sexy, the slip dress is a feminine design that delicately hugs your body allowing you to show off your figure while not revealing too much. Then there is the Leopard print. A pattern that has been around for years, it has made it’s home in the wardrobes of every fashion lover and will never truly fade from trend.

This integration of two powerful trends has given us a must-have piece for the season. And I’m all here for it!

Dress – Tigerlily
Shoes – Cotton On

Chloe x

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