Hey guys! I know it hasn’t been too long since my last post in the Wedding Planning series. But I have some really exciting news! I found the dress! Last weekend I went out to a bridal store for a trunk show. It was a pretty crazy series of events that led me to finding my perfect dress. With the designer located interstate. I thought I would need to go abroad to view the dress. After a bit of internet searching, I found a store in Sydney that stocks the brand. I got in touch and they told me that the dress hadn’t been released yet so they didn’t have it in-store. I reminded myself what will be will be and pushed my feelings of disappointment aside. The bridal store then told me they were having a trunk show in a couple of weeks!

Bridal Store

Fast forward two weeks, my friend and I arrived at the bridal store to look at the dress. After my first experience wedding dress shopping, I was a little bit nervous I would be let down again if it wasn’t the dress. Trying to remain calm, I thought I should make the most of my visit and I picked a few dresses to try on.

First out the gate was the dress and it was a strong start. When I walked out of the change room I was so excited. It looked exactly like I hoped it would. While there wasn’t any crying, I did get little tears in my eyes. We tried on the other 5 dresses but they all felt like something was missing. So I called my Maid of Honour and told her I had found the dress.

Excited, she wanted to see it on. So yesterday we drove back to the bridal store for another viewing. The first time I went, I spent the full hour trying on dresses and comparing the different options available. But this time it was different. I tried the dress on and there were no concerns or second-guessing. It was so clear, I could see myself in the dress, at our venue. Within 10 minutes, I had put down the deposit and we were on our way to get a coffee.

I am so happy to have this massive part of our wedding day ticked off the list. Now I just need to finalise a few things for the engagement party and we are on our way!

How did you find your wedding dress? Was it love at first sight?

Chloe x

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