When it comes to your wedding, everyone says to enjoy the ride as it’s over before you know it. While I will admit I am wishing the wedding planning time away. I also don’t want to forget any part of the planning of our beautiful day. Inspired by Victoria from Inthefrow’s Wedding Diaries, I wanted to have a place of my own to one day look back on and to also share with you my thoughts, feelings and how I’m planning the day.

I’m one of those people that had no clue how they wanted to get married. I never had a dream ring, dress, flower or location. So for any other girls out there that feel lost, don’t stress. You aren’t alone and you will figure it out!

In the 5 months since we got engaged, we’ve ticked a lot off. So let’s start with the most important thing, the venue.

Being a generalist meant deciding on the overall feel for the day was extremely hard. They say your wedding is supposed to reflect who you are as a person. However, everything I looked at didn’t feel like me. I love the beach, but I don’t live for it. Wineries are pretty, but I don’t like wine. The city is always a good idea, but it definitely isn’t me. We toured a few farms but they were too…country. Funny that!

canberra tablelands

To find the venue, I had to do a lot of thinking. I needed to figure out what I liked and what I wanted. It may sound simple but I love manicured gardens, stone steps, and old buildings. Every thought was coming to the same answer. European countryside. Financially, this option was not viable. So I started looking closer to home for my dream venue. After viewing a few options that felt incomplete. We finally found the one. A breathtaking combination of countryside, old buildings, and perfectly trimmed hedges. Swoon.

With the venue taken care of, I turned my mind to Bridesmaids. I decided on an intimate bridal party with a few girlfriends, which by chance, represents different stages of my life. I can’t wait to share the day with them.

The most recent obstacle we have begun to tackle is one of the most important. The Dress. Mum flew down for the long weekend and we booked into a couple of places. We’ve all heard the stories. A girl goes in with her dream dress planned out. Only to be let down when it didn’t look how she thought it would. This is where being a generalist is great! You have many styles you like and it’s just a matter of choosing what looks best on you.

Anyone getting married knows how people love to offer their own wedding advice. And you know overwhelming that can be. It may be easy to disregard uninvited counsel. However, there is one piece of advice I would encourage you to take on board. Try on every dress no matter how they look. There were 3 dresses I chose that, at first sight, I had already placed in the “no way” pile. Surprisingly once on, they looked beautiful. So please remember, most dresses look incomplete on the hanger because they are! You make the dress. Not the other way round.

While I haven’t decided on the dress. I have narrowed down the style I want and can now focus on that.

I’ll end this here for the time being. I hope you enjoyed the first post from the Wedding Planning Series!

Chloe x

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