They say positivity is a state of mind. For the most part, I wholeheartedly agree with this. Around 6 years ago I learned about the law of attraction and started living by this rule. I slowly began to shift my mindset and became conscious of all the wonderful things I had in life, no matter how big or small. From being thankful I had a job so I could buy nice things, to being thankful for having that “bad” experience as it taught me an important life lesson. Regardless of whether something bad or good happened. I looked for the positive in everything and found a reason to appreciate what life had given me.

A lot of people say the law of attraction is a pseudo-science.
But I say if the effect is working, does it really matter?

Here are three ways I keep my mind in check.


For me, manifesting is really important when it comes to my mindset. Don’t let the word scare you, it’s no different from setting goals we want to achieve in life. I have a dozen post-it notes taped to the wall where I sit and apply my makeup every morning. They range from really simple goals (ride 6km in 10 minutes) to bigger life-goals I want to achieve down the track. The benefit of having them on the wall is that I can see them every day, read them and keep them current in my mind.


We’ve all heard the saying practice makes perfect. We can’t just expect to pick up an instrument or watch a tutorial once and have it all figured out. We need to practice and continue to work on it every day if we want to become experts. This extends working on ourselves and our mindset. Every night when I go to bed I listen to a mindset podcast. At the moment I am loving Kimberley Wenya’s manifestation podcast. They are 30-minute(ish) episodes about everything from Manifesting while on your period, Building momentum to your desires to How to be patient. I like to think that listening to an inspiring podcast as I fall asleep has some positive effect on my subconscious.


Once you mastered practicing your positive thinking, it’s important to be aware of when to re-correct your mindset. When I start to feel myself slipping into a negative thought pattern. I reset the frequency and start thinking of the things I’m grateful for. Having a loving, supportive partner. Two happy and healthy puppy dogs. Being able to wake up every morning and smell the ocean and the flowers. I find I am out of that mindset just as quickly as I entered it.

Do you practice positive thinking? How you do keep yourself on track?

Chloe x

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