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When it comes to skin care, we know hydration is extremely important. Hydration keeps our skin balanced, resilient and looking younger. But what is the only thing more important than keeping our skin hydrated? Finding the right products that work for our skin. This brings me to the exciting new Hydrating Skincare range by Minenssey. I have been a lover of Minenssey since I tried their mind-blowing serums. So when they invited me to the launch of their new range, hosted by Vogue Australia I eagerly said count me in and blocked out my diary.

Minenssey Vogue Skin Care

Nestled in an exclusive street in Eastern Sydney, we gathered in a Spanish style house overlooking the Harbour. Everywhere you looked there were subtle nods to the two Australian elements Minenssey hold near and dear to them. Flannel Flowers and the ocean. Here we were treated to an intimate talk with the women behind Minenssey, Cheryl Ross and Sigourney Cantelo led by Vogue Australia’s Senior Beauty Editor, Remy Rippon.

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What makes the Hydrating Skincare range so special?
It comes down to Minenssey harnessing the power of two key ingredients.
The brand’s signature moisture-retaining ingredient Flannel Flower and a new, cutting edge beauty trend called ACB Yoghurt Dermal Respiratory Factor.

For those who aren’t familiar,
Flannel Flower is a powerful Australia native plant that when extracted and used in skin care, moisturises and boost skin elasticity
while fighting inflammation with its potent antioxidants.

ACB Yoghurt Dermal Respiratory Factor is a probiotic that supports stimulation of collagen and improves oxygen intake on a cell level. In non-beauty expert terms, we get a lot of bacteria our skin throughout the day. This includes viruses and fungus’. The Yoghurt Dermal Respiratory ingredient destroys the bad bacteria on the skin and provides good bacteria our skin needs at the right level. When these two ingredients are combined you get an extraordinary duo that boost skin hydration and contracts moisture. Add the duo to a variety of natural ingredients from native Australia and you have a product for designed to target specific skin issues.

The Hydrating Skincare Range

First up we have the Hydrating Cleansing Souffle. A light, silky lotion combining Flannel Flower, Yoghurt Dermal Respiratory probiotic and a handful of native ingredients found along the Australia coastline and desert. It balances the skins surface and encourages skin cell reproduction. It also contains Desert Red Quandong to resurface your skin without stripping it and Blue Lotus Essential Oil to give you a little mood boost.

The second product in the Hydrating Skincare range is the Hydrating Dynamic Facial Essence. This toner is loaded with Flannel Flower, Yoghurt Dermal Respiratory probiotic and anti-oxidants from Jojoba plants.

Next in the range, we have the Hydrating Complete Eye Cream. It works to banish fine lines quickly while pumping generous amounts of moisture into your skin. The Yoghurt Dermal Respiratory probiotic, combined with Flannel Flower, Siberian Ginseng and Marshmallow aids in reducing the appearance of puffy eyes and those pesky dark circles.

Finally, we have my favourite product in the Hydrating Skincare range! The Hydrating Quenching Aqua Cream. A concentrated formula designed to fix dehydration, this gel cream comes loaded with probiotic Yoghurt Dermal Respiratory Factor, Flannel Flower, Beetroot extract, Gardenia extract and River Mint. When combined, these ingredients provide a hydrating drink for your skin while regenerating collagen cells in your face.

You can shop the Minenssey Hydrating Skincare range (and the rest of their incredible products) here.

minenssey hydrating skin care range
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