Ingredients: Berry fruits, violet, jasmine, woods, amber

One of the newest perfumes on my shelf. I was drawn to Burberry Her by the bottle design. From the light pink, transparent bottle in a timeless rectangle design. To the stand out-from-the-crowd off centre spout. Everything about this perfume screams 21st century femininity. She’s classic and everything you know a woman to be  but she’s edgy and forward thinking and ready to change the rules and make the world her own. 

With top notes consisting of various berry fruits, you’d be forgiven for thinking this scent would be sweetly overpowering. This couldn’t be further from reality. At first spray the sweet smell of berries is released, but subtly. It’s almost as if you are at a cafe and can smell the dainty smell of strawberries atop pancakes. You know the fruits are there but aren’t quite sure where they are coming from. 

As you wear the perfume the berries mix with the smell of Jasmine and Violets. This adds a unique twist to the perfume and creates the perfect transition to the longer lasting base notes of woods and amber. The perfume is beautifully complex as it changes from fruity oriental at the first exposure to woody oriental in the last stages of its wear.

The floral components help keep the fragrance youthful throughout its life but add pleasant surprises as the scent changes over time. 

Burberry Her

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Have you tried Burberry Her? What are your thoughts? What’s your signature scent?

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