I’m not sure about you, but when I think about makeup, lipstick is the first thing that comes to mind. Lipstick can be the icing on your makeup cake, if done right. The first step to finding the perfect lipstick is to know your skin tone. While the surface of our skin can take on different shades during the year, our underlying skin tones remain the same. Knowing what your underlying skin tone is, and the colours that compliment that, will take your lipstick game to the next level.


It may sound too basic to be true, but this is one of the easiest tests to find out what undertone you have. Put a white towel around your shoulders, leaving only your head exposed. Take a blank piece of white paper and hold it up to your face. If your skin looks blue, pink or red against the paper, your undertone is cool. If your skin looks yellow, peachy or golden you are probably warm toned and if your skin looks like a mix of both (or you are unsure of the colour), you are most likely neutral toned. 

Another test to determine your undertone comes down to what jewellery you wear. If silver is more complimentary to you, you are probably cool toned and if gold flatters you more, then warm tones are you digs. Once again, if you can get away with wearing either gold or silver, you are most probably neutral toned.

Now from here things get a little complicated by way of crossing surface skin tones and undertones. Once you have done the paper test, your tones then get broken down into surface skin categories. These are fair skin, olive skin and dark skin. Within these skin surface tone categories you will have warm, cool and neutral undertones. 


If you have a cool undertone you will find that pinks, berries, crimson reds, plum, blue, purples and mauve-toned nudes will flatter you the most.


If you have warm tones, lean towards orange, brown, peach, coral and orangey nude tones, yellow-toned neutrals, cool reds, pinky browns or a colour described as golden.

My current go to lippy is Burberry Kisses No. 85, by Burberry. It is a beautifully soft lipstick upon application and doesn’t dry out my mouth. True to my cool undertones, I feel the colour is very complimentary to my face and is the perfect every day wear lipstick that can (and does) take me from day to night.

Burberry Kisses Sepia No. 85

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What are you current face lipstick brands? What are your can’t-go-without shades? Let me know below! I always love expanding my collection.

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