Togs, cozi’s, swimmers. Whatever you choose to call them, swimsuits are powerful pieces of clothing. They have the ability to make or break us. A great swimsuit can leave a woman feeling empowered, beautiful and ready to take on anything the beach throws at her. But finding the right swimsuit can be harder then it seems. While some people get giddy buying shoes, I get giddy buying swimwear. The amount of pieces I lust after are endless and I dream of a day where I have a breath-taking, wide ranging swimsuit collection.

With water being a huge focus point of my life during summer (just check out my Instagram for proof).
I have been through my fair share of bikini’s and with a drawer currently full of pieces from seasons past.
As a self proclaimed swimwear aficionado I thought it would be a great time to write about what I look for in a swimsuit.


I am one for wearing what makes you feel good as opposed to what society thinks you should wear. But it is important to know your body and what styles work for you in a structural sense. For example, I struggle to find clip-up bikini tops that fit cup and under bust so I know a bikini with an adjustable back is my best bet for a perfect fit. Fining the right fit is so important when it comes to buying swimwear otherwise you will be left with gaping holes, the risk of falling out or worse, painful elastic cutting into your skin.


I will be the first to say it, ladies with smaller busts have it easier when it comes to finding supportive swimwear.
The options of fun, flirty and sustainable are plenty for girls with an A, B or C cup.
Finding a supportive swimsuit is important because lets face it, breasts are heavy. And when they aren’t properly secured they can be painful.

The amount of times I have heard fuller bust girls complain about the lack of on trend, supportive swimwear is ridiculous.
I often think ‘it’s 2018, surely there is a company that offers supportive designs that don’t look like you’ve raided your Nanna’s closet’.
With the addition of Ashley Graham’s Swimsuit’s For All there is now a sexy, chic options for ladies with bigger busts.


I have always been a fan of a minimal coverage brief.  Not even 10 years ago you’d struggle to find a company that provided skimpy cut swimwear. It was either full brief or thong cut with very limited options in between.  Then Moana Bikini came along and completely changed the swimwear game.
When it comes to finding the “right” coverage the choice comes down to your personal preference.
I love the feeling a good swimsuit can give you and think we all deserve to experience our best, most beautiful, confident selves while by the water.
When you are looking for the brief for you, try them all on and picl what you love best. What makes you feel best and forget what anyone else thinks!

What are your favourite swimwear styles? Do you have a go to cut or piece? Let me know!

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