Since I was young I have been head over heels for designer clothes. I would look through the pages of Vogue Australia amazed at the garments, styling and storyline hidden in its pages. From oversized crisp white blouses paired with a-symmetrical pencil skirts, to high waisted wide leg trousers, slouch tees and matching blazers. I would dream of the day when I could wear such outfits and the wonderful things I would do in them. When my little town’s first clothing store opened; I purchased a colourful monogrammed handbag similar to the likes of a Louis Vuitton. I felt so fashionable and would take it wherever I went. 

A couple of decades later and my love for designer clothing lives on. While financially, I can’t justify a closet full of designer pieces. I have over the years curated a small collection thanks to some savvy shopping and knowing what pieces to invest in.

Fashion has change rapidly over the last decades. Offshore manufacturing has made it easier for brands to create their own take on designer pieces and sell at super affordable prices. While this creates affordability and gives people variety in terms of what’s on offer. Cheaper doesn’t necessarily equate to quality. You could potentially end up paying more replacing cheaper made items than you would over the lifespan of a designer piece. 

For this reason, I try to invest in designer pieces for my staple wardrobe pieces. The appeal with staple pieces is their ability to be styled many different ways through different seasons. With the fast pace fashion industry, you can revitalise your designer clothes by pairing them with current trending pieces.

When thinking about a designer item I want to buy, I also look at it’s life expectancy. Is it able to survive a season or two? A great indicator as to whether an item will date is to look at the previous seasons. Has the style or print been around for a while? You can’t really go wrong with an item that has stood the test of time! 

Whether low or high end, buying designer clothes is an investment and it’s important to get the bang for your buck. Otherwise it’ll end up on Carousell at seasons end, for a fraction of the price paid and you’ll be wishing you were more thoughtful with that purchase. 

What was your first designer purchase? Do you still rotate it through your wardrobe? If you haven’t made the plunge yet, what designer piece are you lusting over? Let me know below!

Chloe xx

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