I’ve had a fringe for about 5 months now. In hair land, that pretty much means I’m an aficionado when it comes to giving fringe advice. Those who know me offline, know the tale that goes with my adult venture into Bangsville.

The short story. It was a rainy Friday night and I decided I wanted a fringe and I wanted it right now. I went to a walk in salon I usually go to when I need a quick blow dry between work and events. The girl cut it and I left elated. It was a gorgeous fringe but after a couple of days I realised it was a little too long and was obstructing my vision. 

Impatient again, I went to another salon in the city to get it trimmed a bit shorter. I told the guy I only needed it a bit shorter and showed him a picture so he could keep with the style. How hard could it be? I thought. The answer, very. I left with a blunt, thick fringe. I’ve never cried from a hair cut before, but there’s always a first for everything right. I went home and cried to my boyfriend and in usual boyfriend fashion he reassured me I was beautiful and it looked great. Bless him. I knew the truth. I looked like a Russian Spy. 

There was nothing I could do until it grew out. So I had a 3-4 week wait on my hands. When time finally came for a trim, I went to a well known salon in the Shire. I told the Cutting Director the story and he laughed at me then said “lets fix this”. It’s been a slow journey to getting the fringe I wanted but I am totally in love with it now. The fringe is here to stay! 

Read on for my 3 tips on getting a fringe.


Fringes are high maintenance.

Once again for the people in the back,


If you are the kind of person that wants to wake up in the morning and go. Forget it. You will wake up with parts of your fringe in every direction, even vertical. You’ll need to wash your fringe, pretty much, every day. You’ll also need to style (blow dry and hair spray) it

Fringes are a wonderful additional to your hair but they aren’t for the faint hearted. So either be prepared to spend an extra 15 minutes styling in the morning or leave the house with a messy fringe.


I never realised just how many different styles of fringe there could be. Blunt bangs, curtain cut, super short, sweeping side. It’s almost impossible to ask for a fringe without needing a sub category. I found this Glamour UK article which pretty much has a fringe for every occasion.

Another important thing to think about is will the fringe suit the shape of your face. From what I’ve read, oval shaped faces are easier because they are usually the most symmetrical. If you have a square shaped face, thick fringes will flatter your bone structure.





It had been approximately 18 years since I last had a fringe. It was the kind you get when you’re really young, at the salon your mum goes to and you usually leave with a blunt cut fringe and a bob. Looking back on my first fringe experience, it wasn’t that bad so I thought to my adult self, what could go wrong?

Well, A LOT. I never appreciated how hard it could be to get a fringe right.

Research your salons. Research your hairdressers. Once you have the salon picked, check their work out online. Now days, salon employees have their own Instagram account where they post their work, educational tips and before/afters. This will give you a fairly good idea whether a fringe is something they can do, and do right.

A good hairdresser will be able to assess your features and steer you in the direction of a fringe that will work for you. They will know from the thickness and texture of your hair if a particular style would be better for you. While your heart may be set on a particular style, I would definitely take note of their opinions!

Hope you enjoyed my fringe advice! Have you ever made the chop? What are your fringe do and don’ts? Let me know below your key tops to maintaining a fringe!

Chloe x

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