Every year I welcome winter with open arms and this weekend the first chill made an appearance in the weather today. It has made me excited for one thing:

Winter fashion.

To me there is no better feeling in winter then being able to rug up in fleece and wool and boots in winter and drink tea and still feel as great as you did in summer. Then again, I have always been the kind of person who loves all seasons and finds positives in each of them.


I am so excited to experiment this winter with different items and really push myself and my style. At the moment I am really loving these giant knit ponchos (yes – this is a  poncho). Great for when you want to be lazy but still give a damn how you look. (am I wearing a bra under this or an I not.. you will never know!)


I am also going to try and stay away from the typical dark winter colours. It is so easy to spend the whole winter in blacks and deep blues and mauve. I think the key to creating a fresh feeling throughout winter comes down to wearing light colours and this helps you to not get caught in the usual winter routine.
You know the one: wake up, work,  eat, sleep, repeat.


I know and before you say it, I agree Australian winter is not as cold as other parts of the world. But when it is all that you know, its hard to believe there is anything colder.

Chloe x

Jeans | Cotton On
Poncho | Forever 21
Boots | NineWest

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