One thing I am really loving at the moment is the “women empowering women” movement I’ve been seeing irl and on various social platforms. While I do think this attitude between ladies is WAY overdue, I like to say it is better late than never.

Currently I feel as if winter has possessed my body and has imprisoned me in a weekly routine of coffee, work, transit then bed accompanied by Netflix (the latter not being too bad). So today I decided I was going to get myself into gear. The goal being to get rid of the lazy, uninspired attitude that has become me and get myself motivated to live like it’s summer, even though the east coast of Australia is currently going through the Arctic Vortex.

So what better way to kick this sluggish mood than to use other women and their endeavors to motivate me to continue doing the things I love (and also trying new things). One thing I admittedly have been neglecting is this page and while mainly that is to do with not knowing what to write or how to articulate it, I looked to these women today to give me a little push in the right direction. And when I saw push, I mean giant shove. So while I continue formulating my future plan occupy yourselves by looking at the lovely ladies who are empowering me to make things happen!

Chloe x

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